During these times of prophecy, times of transformation, many people are looking for different ways to heal, find emotional, psychological support and spiritual alignment with themselves. I am offering this spacetime for those who want to explore the healing and transformative power of music and sound from the Andes.

Music Medicine is the art of using sound/music with a purpose of healing/transformation. This is a music journey to access the unconscious, to remember, to heal, to access emotions and feelings. It allows you to observe the mind and connect with the body. The act of entering into this ecstatic, trance-like state of altered consciousness is called the soul flight or shamanic journey, and it allows the journey participant to view life from a detached perspective of spiritual observation.

Most of the music instruments I use come from Pre-Inca times (replicas). I have been exploring, researching and facilitating the healing potential of these instruments since 2006 in Peru and internationally. I had the opportunity to play original music instruments from Nasca culture, some of them dating back to 200 B.C. – 650 D.C. and co produce the album Sounds of Nasca for MALI (Museo de Arte de Lima, 2017).

I invite you from wherever you are to be part of this experience. If you are interested to bring this experience into a private group get in contact. Thank you.

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