During these times of prophecy, the times we are living in today, there is a call for many men to heal and to step into our own sacred power as men. For some time I have been wanting to open a circle for men. A circle where we can share our life processes, and share it with other men like you and me.

Bringing a circle to share our life processes as men seems to me something very necessary. Starting with myself, I see that it is important to open ourselves and share with other men who are committed to a path of healing and transformation.

The intention of The Sacred Heart of the Warrior Circle is to open a sacred time space for a group of men who want to openly and sincerely share their processes, and somehow find harmony within ourselves in relation to the other and others.

Everything that arises when we raise our voices and words and listen to others share can be a transformative experience. We can learn a lot about ourselves from the teachings and experiences of others. During the circle aspects may arise that can activate our shadows, projections, and unveil hidden material in ourselves.

We have been conditioned and traumatized in so many levels as individuals and as men for many generations. Society, this artificial matrix, is perpetuating a disease of fear and confusion where the shadow doesn’t have a place.

All this shadow material has to be illuminated by ourselves. If anyone gets triggered, there is some material to inquire with and to ask the right questions to that part of yourself. Triggers are activations, opportunities to light up the shadow and find more truths about ourselves. Always in a sincere, humble and honest manner. Without these, the real healing work cannot be done. This becomes vital on our process of enlightenment of the shadow.

The purpose of the The Sacred Heart of the Warrior Men’s Circle is to be a spacetime to share, listen, accept, forgive, reflect, heal, and learn from each other. A time to remember the sacred heart we hold as men, as warriors.

Time: 2nd and 4th Thursday each month from 5:30 – 7:30pm Pacific Time

Via: Zoom Meeting

Structure: I will open the circle and begin with a grounding practice. We will then open to individual sharing for the rest of the time.

Group: 8 men

If you are interested in being a part of this circle, please get in contact with me through this link to confirm your participation. I will then send you a zoom link to access the circle. Only the ones who confirm will be able to join. I want to have a safe container with the clear intention of confidentiality. Everything said stays in the circle.

I offer this circle at no cost. In the spirit of ayni, or sacred reciprocity, if you are called to make a donation to support me and my family in continuing this work you may do so here. Please know this is not expected, but is always appreciated.

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