Bernhard Guenther joins me on The Sacred Heart of the Warrior Podcast. In this episode I explore with Bernhard the Time of Transition we are going through from a spiritual and esoteric perspective. I have known Bernhard since 2007 and we hosted several “Time of Transition” retreats in the jungle of Peru combining our work in psychology, shamanism, esoteric knowledge, somatic work, and visionary plant work, among other topics and exercises. In this podcast we discuss several aspects from our own experiences, research and work.

About Bernhard:

Over the course of his life Bernhard has studied extensively various healing modalities and graduated from the ‘Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing’ (IPSB) in Los Angeles and the ‘Esalen Institute’ in Big Sur, essentially developing his own unique style of Integrative Bodywork as a licensed and certified Massage Therapist (Certified Esalen® Massage and Deep Bodywork® Therapist). Bernhard is also a certified Holographic Kinetics practitioner, an advanced aboriginal healing modality based on LORE (Universal Law) and he offers Holistic Coaching sessions as well.

Bernhard feels that in order to make a shift in consciousness, we need to do the work to separate truth from lies, both within and without; and to bring the darkness to light whilst making the shadow conscious, so that we can truly heal, evolve, and grow, living up to our full soul potential and aligning with our individual purpose.


🪶 His awakening journey

🪶 Split of reality

🪶 Soul integration

🪶 The collective and individual awakening

🪶 Evolution of consciousness

🪶 The role of the artificial matrix of control

🪶 Living a war from within

🪶 Embodying the warrior archetype

🪶 Facing our shadow and fears

🪶 Co-creating a new timeline of reality

🪶 The power of observing yourself

🪶 Facing the Great Unknown

🪶 Surrendering to the Divine

🪶 Know the enemy/know thyself

🪶 Surrendering to the Divine

🪶 Spiritual aspect of martial arts

🪶 The importance of bringing tools to work with ourselves

🪶 Keep practicing… these are lessons