There are many challenges in life, and the warrior acknowledges all of them. Many of these challenges come from the modern world, and its attempts to control information and consciousness through politics, history, warfare, education, destruction of the environment, entertainment, social media, jobs, money, confused spirituality, health and love relationships. This psychology works on many levels and dimensions, making it very challenging for millions of people to live in. We have been trusted and conditioned to develop a mindset of obedience and response to orders, giving our power away, without questioning it or thinking for ourselves. This obedience to the program only perpetuates the cycle of confusion and disconnection from our true sacred nature.

If we want to navigate this world, we have to first change ourselves. We know we can change, and although it is hard, the warrior persists. This commitment of the warrior brings acceptance to all paths these changes take us to. Some of these paths may feel like failures, but for the warrior they are learning opportunities for our own soul’s evolution.

The warrior fearlessly embraces his/her shadow, the darkest places, knowing that there is nothing else to lose. Death, which is often our biggest fear, can become our deepest teacher on the lessons of change. Knowing this, we are no longer afraid. Through our darkness, we acknowledge our light. This light reveals itself in contrast to darkness, allowing us to find harmony and rhythm within ourselves and to live in full presence. There is no more resistance to the shadow, only acceptance in compassion and gratitude. From here, the warrior can then utilize his/her power for a higher purpose.

We have been conditioned to believe that the shadow world is to be annihilated. It expresses our deepest fears, sadnesses, frustrations, sorrows and pain. Entering into the shadow realm gives us the opportunity to grow, to discover ourselves in depths we have never imagined. While our shadows can bring a state of vulnerability, it is actually this vulnerability that gives us access to the assistance and guidance of the seen and unseen forces that lie beyond our normal waking consciousness, bringing in a revolutionary way of understanding and navigating life. It is here where the warrior begins to find the compassion and love within. There is no good or bad, only experiences and challenges. The warrior acknowledges, without judgment, that they are part of this human experience, with discernment to find his/her own truth. He/she finds the peace within.

The first realizations the warrior embrace is that life feeds on life. “Now i’ll eat you then you will eat me and vice verse.” This horrible monster of life eating itself. The warrior reconciles life, with gratitude with sweetness. Through the bitterness and pain, the core of life is sweet and wonderful. That’s how to embrace the medicine journey.

The first function of mythology, is to evoke in the individual a sense of grateful, affirmative awe before the monstrous mystery that is existence. And the second function is to present an image of the cosmos, the universe. By living your own mythological image, you are playing the myth that helps you to reconcile your life, your existence, to your own consciousness or expectation of meaning.

Aspects of the warrior:

  • Discovering basic goodness (human nature)

The warrior’s journey is based on discovering the goodness of human nature and share it with others. We need to feel it in our bodies, mind and heart. So we can act in gentleness and kindness.

  • Dark night of the soul: the genuine sadness

The warrior embrace the sad and tender heart. A natural situation of fullness. Sacred tears. You feel blessed. Sensitivity of the world. Walking in beauty.

  • Fear and beyond fear

Facing our fears is the way to become fearless. To go beyond fear. To be brave instead of coward. Afraid of death, afraid to the world (matrix of control). The coward is looking to avoid fear, warriors acknowledges fear and reconciles the fear, through softness and gentleness, with a tender open heart. Soft and hard at the same time. Free of doubt and fear, living without deception.

  • Sync body-mind-heart-gut

Body-mind-heart-gut needs to be in alignment, in communion. Each one has their own intelligence. They are sources of knowledge. Some times we are more in the mind than in the body, or vice verse. This alchemy has the potential to allow our soul and divine will to speak through us. A spiritual path.

  • Daring & Surrendering

Surrendering comes from meditation, like bamboo, emptiness from inside, stop the social matrix conditioning of identification, your work, etc. In the practice of meditation we allow to find our true self, a profound connection with our soul. Disown your thoughts, let them be without judgement. My thoughts are not me. Caring for others as we open ourselves into a larger world. Its not just about me it’s about us. Overcome selfishness. Egolessness. The warrior dare him/herself to jump into the unknown, trusting in the divine guidance, trusting in his/her own truth. Cultivating gentleness. The warrior acknowledges he/she is another you.

  • Acknowledging life is a journey

The warrior lives a continuous journey. To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment.  The warrior acknowledges the challenges and circumstances in life, the archetype of the warrior becomes a way of living.

  • Living in between

The shamanic path of the warrior is about living in between two worlds, the inside and outside, the material and spiritual, the male and female, the positive and negative, black and white. Flexible and strong.

  • Gentleness instead of arrogance

The warrior learns how to live in gentleness instead of arrogance.

  • Being in awareness

Living in the present moment. Non reactive mode.

  • The act of praying and living the prayer

Praying as an act of sacred intention and purpose in humbleness and gratitude. The warrior acknowledges there are forces beyond which he/she cannot control. Divine manifestation.

Through this experience, the warrior acquires wisdom and clarity, which open pathways to his/her intuition, continuing the journey to discover his/her purpose of life on Earth. This is a journey into the unknown, a journey full of challenges and circumstances, with different depths and heights, sounds and colors, full of mysterious synchronicities. Once this fearless leap into the unknown is made, the spiritual warrior becomes a hero/heroine of his/her own path and personal mythology.