In this episode I discuss the topic of manhood and highlight the importance of bringing healing, transformation and support in men’s journeys. My guest in this episode is Will Spencer. I met Will years ago in Peru. He participated in a retreat I was cohosting with Bernhard Guenther. I remember our profound conversations in the high jungle and our encounters in the Andes while waiting for the sunrise in a winter solstice in Ollantaytambo. Will is carrying a prayer of transformation and healing towards men, to reclaim our real power, wisdom and purpose as men. I felt the call to ask him to join me in TSHW Podcast to discuss different aspects of manhood, our experiences, insights and reflections as well.

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About Will:

Will Spencer is an entrepreneur, traveler, and storyteller. His path has taken him from Stanford University, to the Dotcom Boom, and through 33 countries on 6 continents. Along the way his passion for personal growth led him into the world of men’s personal development and transformation. Now he hosts a successful podcast, the Renaissance of Men, and as a coach helps men become exceptional versions of themselves through discipline and self-knowledge.


Part 1:

🪶 Will’s awakening journey

🪶 A hero’s journey

🪶 The sacred heart of man/warrior

🪶 Transcending the confusion on how to be a man in the world

🪶 The power of self-responsibility  

🪶 The sacrifice of a father to make life sacred 

🪶 Do I have what it takes?

🪶 Believing in yourself 

🪶 The renaissance of men 

🪶 The masculine and feminine in men

🪶 The path of fatherhood 

🪶 Keep open the discussion 

Part 2: (only for members

🪶 Emotions and actions of man

🪶 The real power of man

🪶 Circle of brothers

🪶 You are not alone

🪶  What is our role as man in society 

🪶 Transformation of man

🪶 Finding purpose 

🪶 Orchestration of life

🪶 Trailblazing the path 

🪶 Holding a sacred heart of the warrior

🪶 The power of masculinity 

🪶 Facing fears

🪶 Finding the right distance of harmony 

🪶 The responsibility of using power

🪶 Holding the sword

🪶 The real power of man

🪶 The importance of self work 

🪶 Where are the good men?