In this first episode I explore with Pedro the path of visionary plants in many levels. Our perspectives and experiences around this particular journey of self discovery. We discuss several aspects from an indigenous perspective (Shipibo Konibo cosmology) and personal experiences.

Pedro besides his academic studies in Literature from the University of Montreal (Canada), Communication and Culture from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism, he has specialized in the study of Andean, Amazonian, and North American indigenous thought-systems, developing philosophical and ecological frameworks from the wisdom of these nations, their oral literature and their medicinal ceremonies. His academic research and insights orbit around intercultural concepts and the generation of a respectful dialogue between modernity and the ancestral and contemporary knowledge of indigenous peoples.


  • His awakening journey 

  • Healing ourselves

  • The path of visionary plant

  • Indigenous medicine and cosmology

  • The modern world and the Ayahuasca experience 

  • Wetiko & Pishtako phenomena 

  • Spirits of dispersion

  • The warrior spirit

  • In service to others

  • The shamanic death 

  • The power of compassion and humbleness

  • Living in the unknown 

  • Walking with Great Spirit