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Since my first experience with a visionary plant medicine in 1998, I have experienced powerful healing, realizations and profound awakenings that these plant medicine teachers can offer us. I saw similar experiences in many people as well. After 10 years of training and exploration, I started to facilitate ceremonies from 2008 until 2017.

In all these 25+ years, I also learned about many situations of uses and abuses of these plants, guides and ceremonies where there wasn’t the right discernment, safety, guidance and proper integration work as well. I had to learn the hard way.

Today, while working through my own experiences and integrating my personal plant medicine journeys, I offer support and guidance through private sessions to those who have worked particularly with Ayahuasca, Wachuma, and Psilocybin mushrooms.

After guiding and participating in plant medicine ceremonies, there is the need to establish a space-time for the seeker to reflect on the experience of working with the medicine. The individual may return from participating in a ceremony and experience challenges in processing, integrating, and embodying the profound shift in consciousness that has occurred into their everyday life. This is what I am here to help with. Without this part of the process, the deep teachings received from the plant medicine that hold the potential to completely transform us and our lives can get lost. I am here to assist you in remembering. 

As a man, I have seen that we process and integrate differently than women. This is why my focus on working with with men one-on-one is important to me. I have walked, and continue to walk, through the challenges of being a man in this world, and I am here to walk beside you in your challenges as well. 

With understanding, support, emotional safety, confidentiality and sacred guidance, going back to the ordinary world may be a vital element in the seeker’s healing and understanding of their personal transformation.

Recalling your journey, I assist you in reflecting, exploring and discerning your unique teaching, medicine and message. The meaning you discover is yours alone to embody into your life.

I provide a sacred and safe container to assist you to unveil the message and find your own medicine.

Without integration support, you may be at risk of returning to old, unhealthy patterns of behavior without intending to regress. I show you how to use your inner resources to work with your insights, in small ways, repeated over time; an approach that ensures that your efforts to shift will succeed.

This is the path of the sacred heart of the warrior. And on this path, which is yours and yours alone, I am here to be your ally. 


My work is based on:

🪶 Compassionate Inquiry (A psychotherapeutic approach)

🪶 Andean & Amazonian cosmology and indigenous spiritual practices

🪶 Jungian’s Shadow work

🪶 Campbell’s Hero’s Journey

How I Work & My Background

I have been facilitating transformation for individuals since 2008 through the work of visionary plant medicine ceremonies and music medicine sessions in Peru, Mexico, United States and Iceland.

During these last years, marriage and fatherhood showed me the profound meaning and depths of being a man, husband, father, a human being in a sacred way. This took me to explore the sacred role of man/father, his challenges, traumas, projections, programs, gifts and the importance on healing and bring the real power and beauty of man.

All these years of healing, practices and experiences with visionary plant medicines, incorporating indigenous spirituality, researching esoteric knowledge and studying psychology merged the purpose of plant medicine integration for men.

My focus is to facilitate tools to work with trauma, unhealthy patterns, addictions and harmful behaviors. Provide emotional and psychological support, and inspire spiritual transformation from a man’s perspective.

Each medicine journey comes with a message it is delivering through the lessons it puts us through. However, if we do not allow the time and space for us to integrate these experiences, we can get burnt out, and we will find ourselves in a state of imbalance on all levels: body, mind, spirit and soul. Therefore, it is vital to integrate those experiences we have gone through, and continue to go through.

It is my belief that each experience and process happens for a specific development to help us connect to our deeper truths unveil our shadow, to discover who we really are.

Did you resonate with this?

If you have questions, or you would like to set up a free, initial consultation, I would like to hear from you.

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My sessions come in packages to be scheduled either weekly or biweekly. This is because the way I work is most effective when we can develop a safe and trusting relationship over time. In addition, committing to a month or often more is making a personal commitment to your own transformative journey, and these are the folks that I work best with.

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Fred has mastered the arts, he is a deep listener and a clear channel of music and ceremony. I am forever grateful for his humble teachings, wisdom and passion for the Harmonic Fellowship of Humankind. His prayer includes All our Relations, the earth, the fire, the water and winds of change.  

- Robin Clements, Breathwave

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