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Indigenous Wisdom, Music Medicine and Compassionate Inquiry To Support Men’s Spiritual and Psychological Transformation

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Earth and humanity are going through profound transformations. We are presently in an awakening healing journey that is taking us into higher and deeper states of awareness; a new reality of being and doing. We are living times of prophecy as many indigenous traditions have revealed.

My personal initiatic journey took me to learn from visionary plant medicines based on indigenous shamanic and spiritual traditions from the Andes and Amazon of Peru since 1998.

The intention of my work is to allow and support a space time for healing, transformation, realization, integration and reconnection to our true selves in compassion, humbleness, coherence, wisdom and sovereignty to therefore thrive as a more conscious man.


• Wants to strengthen recovery from trauma, addiction and depression

• Is in spiritual emergence

• Wants to integrate plant medicine experiences

• Wants to learn and incorporate psychological self-work, esoteric knowledge and spiritual tools


My focus is to facilitate tools to work with trauma, unhealthy patterns, addictions and harmful behaviors. Provide emotional and psychological support, and inspire spiritual transformation from a man’s perspective.

It is my belief that each experience and process happens for a specific development to help us connect to our deeper truths and know who we really are. Each medicine journey and experience comes with a message it is delivering through the lessons it puts us through.

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There is an ancient healing modality in which music and sound are crafted to have a positive effect in body, mind, soul and spirit. It has the purpose of healing, transformation, expansion of consciousness and spiritual development.

This is a 4-week program oriented to anyone how wants to incorporate music and sound as a healing and therapeutic tool for personal o professional practice.



“Fred creates an extraordinary sonic landscape for healing, awakening and accessing deep wisdom. He’s a true blessing!”

- Stephen Dinan, CEO, The Shift Network

“I had the pleasure of experiencing an amazing Sound Healing ceremony while in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Jan. 2013) with Sound Healer Fred Clarke~. He was playing ancient traditional instruments that were both transformational and deeply pleasing and healing to the soul.

His music summons forth the rhythms and songs called waynukuna of the mystical traditions of the Ande’s ~ The calls of the Condor and breath riding on the feathers of time with Quechua mythology heard in the strum of the charango~.

Fred’s music is made with drums, flutes, gongs, seed rattles, quilled panpipes, whistling clay pots and more… The music portrays the stories of lineage and cosmology.

This is the music of Pachamama ~ the Urubamba waters and the ceremonies that honor the Great Mother Spirit of the Earth.”

Fred has mastered the arts, he is a deep listener and a clear channel of music and ceremony. His life dedicated to the sacred and the instruments of the ancestors is revealed in the beautiful soundscapes that move through him.

I am forever grateful for his humble teachings, wisdom and passion for the Harmonic Fellowship of Humankind. His prayer includes All our Relations, the earth, the fire, the water and winds of change. 

- Robin Clements, Breathwave

Fred has a gift. I was skeptical that sound alone could create a healing experience, until I heard him play. From his first notes I was transported deep into myself, or beyond myself. Or perhaps both. But now I know that sound healing is real, and more importantly, that the magic isn’t in the instruments but the man. Don’t take my word for it, though. Hear Fred play for yourself and see where he takes you.

- Will Spencer, The Renaissance of Men

“Have crossed path with Fred in the Peruvian Jungle on a quest of truth and reality of the beyond. I haven`t experienced fully the plethora of his gifts, talents and wisdom which he pours into the world so kindly but I did experience the depth, healing and transmuting quality of his sound.

An experience I wouldn`t do justice to by merely putting it into words. So I won`t even try. But I encourage all those that consider joining him into presence for whatever he offers as service because I have complete trust that he will deliver what he must deliver and most probably more that you may hope for.

He will meet you in oneness (as in full of compassion and understanding that we are of the same substance and same nature as human beings).

He will seek for you as he would seek for himself, and will help you attain the very thing you need. Which .. in fact will be most probably the very reason you have known him in this life.”

- Odilia

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