Learn the Native American Flute (NAF), one-on-one, with music medicine facilitator Fred Clarke Alvarez (Peru). Private classes are tailored to match each student’s individual needs and intentions. This is class within a music medicine approach.

Explore how to play the Native American Flute (NAF). This is not a “traditional” flute music class or lesson. You don’t need to read music notes or be tested. The intention of these classes is about finding your own way to play with music and sound as a healing path of self-discovery. Native instruments from the Americas and around the world were developed to establish an inner-communication with the Divine. A way of praying-playing and to remember our connection to the sacred natural world.

You do not need to be a musician to benefit from taking this class. Its teachings may be applied to everyone. All ages are welcome. If you do not have a Native American flute, there are many options of NA flutes online.

These classes will allow you to:

  • Play the Native American Flute
  • Learn the Music Medicine approach
  • Learn to play with a drum beat
  • Adding ornamentations to your playing
  • Strengthening your fingers
  • Improving your finger technique
  • Music improvisation
  • Breathing and rhythm exercises
  • Body movement dynamics
  • Create your own compositions
  • Learn about indigenous wisdom and spirituality

Some of the benefits of Music Medicine are:

  • Reduces blood pressure and anxiety
  • Stress reliever
  • Memory enhancement
  • Helping recover brain injury, treat seizures
  • Influences mental state
  • Pain management
  • Mood enhancement
  • Sleep medicine


Classes Prices:


NAF Class: 4-Class Bundle

– A set of 4 consecutive weekly one-hour classes: $400-480
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“A master craftsman is this Fred Clarke Alvarez I attest to his tremendous abilities and gifts. Anyone who takes lesson from you’ shall be richly blessed by the gifts of spirits collaborating”.

Zenlduh Metta Way

Palakwayo means “red-tailed hawk” in Hopi language. Bird medicine which can guide you in the sacred path of self-discovery. Sound of a Navajo NAF, rattle, hand drum, hawk and rivers from the Peruvian andes.

About Fred Clarke Alvarez

Fred Clarke Alvarez (Peru) multi-instrumentalist, music producer, visual artist and researcher of Andean-Amazonian medicine traditions. He has been exploring the indigenous healing world since 1998 on his path of seeking truth and questioning consensus reality. Learning from native curanderos and living in the Amazon and Andes of Peru, he started to work with the healing power of sound, using ancient musical instruments of Peru, developing his own style of Andean Music Medicine. He participated in several events, concerts and conferences in United States, Iceland, Mexico and Peru. He studied Communications at the University of Lima, Peru. He has published albums such as Paqarina: Healing Sound of Peru, Ambient Works i, Sounds of Nasca, Sound of Pucllana, Meraya (film score), and has participated in collaborations with other music artists. In 2017, he published Sounds of Nasca, a production for the Museum of Art of Lima and Rietberg Museum of Zürich using original instruments (dating back to 200 B.C. – 650 D.C.) for the international exhibition NASCA-MALI. He is also involved in psychotherapy and shamanism. Today, he lives with his wife and children in the forest of California, United States.