Music Medicine

“Because feelings are the innermost elements of the soul, akin to the spiritual world, and because in tone the soul finds the element in which it actually moves, man’s soul dwells in a world where the bodily mediators of feelings no longer exist but where feelings themselves live on. The archetype of music is in the spiritual, whereas the archetypes for the other arts lie in the physical world itself. When the human being hears music, he has a sense of well-being, because these tones harmonize with what he has experienced in the world of his spiritual home.”

-Rudolf Steiner, The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone

Studying with local master musicians and journeying into the shamanic world of Peru, I learned to play numerous traditional and pre-hispanic instruments, many of them unknown in the Western world. However, my intention is not to play these instruments in a traditional manner, but rather to develop intuitive musical and medicinal possibilities which I feel are inherent in them. In many of my compositions, I combine ancient pre-hispanic musical instruments (originals and replicas) with electronic atmospheres, blended with sounds of nature. The resulting dialogues further reflects the vision of Andean Soundscapes as music medicine.

Some of the benefits of music medicine are:

  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Relaxation
  • Influences Mental State
  • Pain Management
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Sleep Medicine