Music as Medicine [4-Week Program]

This is a one-on-one online program oriented to anyone who wants to incorporate music and sound as a healing and therapeutic tool for personal purposes or professional practice.

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There is an ancient healing modality in which music and sound are crafted to have a positive effect in body, mind, soul and spirit. It has the purpose of healing, transformation, expansion of consciousness and spiritual development.

One does not need to have experience playing a musical instrument to be a part of this. There is much confusion regarding what it means to be a musician. I am here to break that paradigm with you. There is no right or wrong way to create music. It really isn’t about creating music. It is allowing the music and sound to create us.

If you long to play an instrument but feel you just don’t have what it takes, this class will help break down that false belief.

My approach to teaching comes from the understanding that we, as learners, we have our own unique way of learning. I facilitate the experience in an open and non judgmental space and self-directed learning.

This program is about breaking through the limitations, fears, projections, expectations, desires and cultivating patience, care, self determination, confidence, focus, and harmony through your playing/praying.

You will learn about breathing techniques, relaxation of the body and mind, prayer, meditation, mindfulness and indigenous wisdom. As a teacher, I will guide you through the process of getting a proper sound, explore different combinations, and rhythms through demonstrations and exercises to establish your own music medicine practice.

Every time we play we discover new aspects of ourselves and the instrument, creating a powerful and intimate relationship of growth, joy, patience, strength, humbleness, perseverance, presence and connection to the Divine Great Spirit.

|Class Content

The intention of this program is that you will find confidence and foundational skills to start using a flute, a drum, a string instrument and your voice for therapy, meditation, plant medicine work, healing and personal practice.

I will work with a variety of instruments from the Andes such as whistling vessels, ceramic pan flutes (antaras), charango, guitar, bamboo flutes, feathers, whistles, bells and drums, and we will discover their uses for healing and their connection to the realm of the soul and spirit.

This class will be taught using the knowledge and principles of the cosmovision of the Peruvian Andes and ancient indigenous wisdom.

|Topics Included

🪶 Introduction of Music as Medicine

🪶 The Healing Effects of Music/Sound

🪶 States of Consciousness

🪶 The Indigenous Mind and Vision

🪶 The Power of Intention and Prayer through Music

🪶Approaches to Music as Medicine for daily life or professional practice

🪶 Uses of Audio Technology for Music Medicine Purposes

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|4 Modules (60 min each)

Week 1 | Finding your Heartbeat: Drums & Rattles

Week 2 | Winds of the Soul: Flutes & Whistles 

Week 3 | Sound of Silence: Voice & Humming  

Week 4 | Strings of Emotions: Charango

*Modules can be adjust to your own interests and specific instruments. 

|Participant Outcomes

🪶 Participants will have a beginning foundation on how to use and apply music as medicine to any instrument.

🪶 How to incorporate music as medicine for personal and professional practice (therapists, counselors, healers).

🪶 Cultivate music medicine as a spiritual, creative and self discovery practice.

🪶 A wider understanding of the power of music and sound for transformation of consciousness.

🪶 A variety of exercises to take in your music medicine practice.

🪶 And how to advance one’s practice both personally and spiritually.

* Important Notes: Online learning is a different experience than in-person study. It requires a greater degree of independence and self-initiative. Nevertheless, this program is designed to provide a rich, interactive and participatory experience.

As part of this class it is recommended to practice by yourself as long as you want. I also strongly encourage you to turn in at least one recording of your weekly playing practice to receive feedback.

I will help guide you in this process so that you close the final class with your own recorded musical creation.


Featured Students’ Creations

  1. Wolf Calling by Kim Pedersen.


“A master craftsman is this Fred Clarke Alvarez I attest to his tremendous abilities and gifts. Anyone who takes lesson from you’ shall be richly blessed by the gifts of spirits collaborating”.

- Zenlduh Metta Way

Fred has mastered the arts, he is a deep listener and a clear channel of music and ceremony. His life dedicated to the sacred and the instruments of the ancestors is revealed in the beautiful soundscapes that move through him. I am forever grateful for his humble teachings, wisdom and passion for the Harmonic Fellowship of Humankind. His prayer includes All our Relations, the earth, the fire, the water and winds of change.

- Robin Clements, Breathwave

Fred has a gift. I was skeptical that sound alone could create a healing experience, until I heard him play. From his first notes I was transported deep into myself, or beyond myself. Or perhaps both. But now I know that sound healing is real, and more importantly, that the magic isn’t in the instruments but the man. Don’t take my word for it, though. Hear Fred play for yourself and see where he takes you.

- Will Spencer, The Renaissance of Men
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