It is clear that what we are experiencing is another mask of the system in which we live. A system that feeds on fear, hatred and control towards each other. A system that has life itself, something that is now spoken of as artificial intelligence, wanting to control nature and human minds on its own. The supposed virus everyone is talking about is just the tip of the iceberg. They are using the same fear and control mechanisms, as in other past situations, to excuse themselves from implementing a new solution and new control mechanisms, such as 5G technology, vaccines, etc. Why are the military on the streets? Is it to impose more control from government power? What are these military going to do? Shoot their weapons to destroy the virus? They just want to keep the psychological virus infected in humans for a long time. They perhaps do not even know that they are simply puppets of these entities that play with the psyche of human beings.

Long ago in my exploration and research on human consciousness and experience through the visionary plants of South America, I had a revelation. Perhaps this revelation for many may be far-fetched and misplaced. For me it was a truth that affected my mind, body and spirit in a very profound way. This revelation was revealed to me through an Amazonian plant, the mother/grandmother.

Through this revelation, I left my physical body, as we might call it, and traveled outside of planet earth. The first part I went through a kind of golden stardust. Immersing myself in this stardust, I understood that it was like a kind of intergalactic communication network, something like an interstellar internet. I received information from other civilizations of thousands of years in earth seconds. I also understood that time and space outside the earth flow differently.

After going through that stardust, enter a kind of spaceship. In it, there was a sort of “coffee table” made of a crystal and two chairs made of the same material. In these chairs two beings sat without volume, they were like sitting shadows. On the table there were 3 suspended elements. A cube, sphere, and a cone. Each one with a different color. I understood that these beings send fear using a kind of technology, which affect human minds. These beings infect minds through dreams and thoughts. They get into politicians, businessmen, artists, publishers, television, athletes, etc, to maintain this frequency and vibration of fear and ignorance.

Going through this moment, I later saw myself as in a conference room. On this, there was a large rectangular table made of black stone, with glyphs and carvings around it. In this room, beings were dressed in black robes with shaped cone hats of the same color. Does this outfit remind you of anything? I understood that they had been intervening and manipulating human beings, as well as other beings on other planets. While watching this scene I could also see how a great light and/or energy that came from the center of space affected the earth and all these other planets. This light brings a new paradigm shift. A light that is transforming everything, in a level of the body, mind and spirit, affecting our way of being and doing things. This great light brought so much tenderness and care to my being and others, that I could even see these beings in compassion and find forgiveness. They knew of this force that is affecting the earth and other systems that they have been infecting for a long time. I could also see their resignation in their faces of this because they know that they cannot do much before such a transforming divine force. They were sitting in silence with facial expressions of resignation.

This moment for me brought a kind of inner peace and confidence, and at the same time knowing that we are going through an unprecedented planetary process. I understood that this light/energy wants to restore the divine will to enter a new consciousness and therefore a new paradigm. I could see that this is where we are going.

walking towards the sun Iceland

After witnessing this moment and understanding, I left this place, and traveled through space at unimaginable speed for my human reasoning. I got as far as an “edge” of space. I felt it as a constant expansion. On this edge there were few stars, it was more black or dark. At that time my human mind was trying to understand how this expansion works or how the universe is sustained. What I could comprehend is that under my human reasoning I could not understand how the universe works. It escaped any mathematical and/or scientific formulation. At that moment I released my attachment to trying to understand everything, and as I released it in humility and confidence to the great mystery, I began to hear/feel a sound, a great frequency and vibration. It was so intense that I let myself be carried by it in total acceptance, humility and trust. This sound was growing more and more in volume and vibration, until suddenly I began to hear the medicine songs of my curandero friend. Little by little it was intensifying until his singing had more volume than this vibration, and I began to feel my human body again. A very heavy body. I felt how my bones and other elements vibrated very densely. Then I opened my eyes and was back on this plane. It took me a little while to re-adjust to the density of the human body on earth.

Since then, I have tried to be open to this paradigm shift, to this new energy that has been forming and informing us about other forms of consciousness. Something of what we could call today quantum physics, or we could say quantum consciousness. A consciousness that I have seen in many ancient cultures and that have been interpreting and forming. From the Andes, the Amazon as well as in the native North American, Meso American, Druid, Vedas and others. The indigenous spirit and consciousness, beyond the indigenous themselves (where many are also infected by these frequencies of fear), brings me the understanding of a quantum consciousness of reality, a way to reestablish communion with the great spirit, the divine, the great mystery. A way of weaving between human beings in relation to others and the great mother earth who sustains us and teaches us to remember our origins and where we are going. Perhaps to remember the great cosmic memory and our place as human beings in the whole creation.

In my understanding it is as if we were infected by a predatory virus, a predator that lives within us, that feeds on our fears, that confuses us and makes us react. This coronavirus is another expression of this great predatory virus that has been infecting millions of beings for a long time. I understand there are many types of viruses, not only those that attack the human body, but what attack and infect human minds.

You are likely to think or question that this revelation or perspective is outlandish or misplaced. And it would be the most sane thing to do. Well, I don’t mean that you believe or think the same as me. I only share something that was communicated to me several circles around the sun. For some, what I express can bring a different perspective in complementary for others. For me, this revelation makes even more sense in the circumstances in which we are living today and what is to come.

It remains for me to add that more we question, research and draw our own conclusions, it will make us freer from thought and action facing the great mystery of life. We all know inside that it is the right thing to live our lives in relation to the whole. We have been traumatized for a long time, and there is much healing to restore. As people would say in the Andean world, we must get rid of the “susto” or “shock” to see and live in harmony. There remains only the honest commitment of each one to restore this divine communication and manifestation in our lives, families and to the earth. No one will do the Great Work for us. It is in each one of us.

In my understanding, responsibility comes from the ability to respond, not to abide by an order and fulfill it, which is the way it was programmed for us. If the responsibility comes from the ability to respond, how to be responsible in this situation? How can I respond from my center-center-center and higher and deeper consciousness? It is in each and every one of us to know, form, inform ourselves, learn and remember how to respond to each challenge life teaches us. Will I answer from ignorance, confusion, fear and terror? Or will I respond from wisdom, conscience and great compassion? It is in us. We embrace and incorporate this paradigm shift, to take us where it has to take us, without fear and trusting in the great mystery, the divine will.