From Above and Below: Hyperdimensional Revelations | TSHW #3

In this episode I share my experience with the hyperdimensional realm. In my journey of self-discovery through visionary plants from the Andes and Amazon, I had a profound experience working with Ayahuasca into the hyperdimensional reality (2003). The ceremony left me with a profound message. I also share my [...]

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Time of Transition – Bernhard Guenther | TSHW #2

Bernhard Guenther joins me on The Sacred Heart of the Warrior Podcast. In this episode I explore with Bernhard the Time of Transition we are going through from a spiritual and esoteric perspective. I have known Bernhard since 2007 and we hosted several “Time of Transition” retreats in the [...]

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The Path of Visionary Plants – Pedro Favaron | TSHW #1

In this first episode I explore with Pedro the path of visionary plants in many levels. Our perspectives and experiences around this particular journey of self discovery. We discuss several aspects from an indigenous perspective (Shipibo Konibo cosmology) and personal experiences. Pedro besides his academic studies in Literature from [...]

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Music Medicine: A Shamanic Craft of Self-Discovery

I believe the power of music and sound can assists us in our own personal awakening journey. Music as medicine has been practice since the beginning of dawn of humanity. Today while living an awakening of humanity we are facing the darkness of it at the same time. We [...]

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Wetiko: A Psycho-Spiritual Disorder

The intention to write and share this article comes from my own experience and research. My approach to knowledge comes not only from scientific or metaphysical studies and discoveries, but also from dreams, intuition, shamanism, nature and ancestral memory. Perhaps for many, what I share sounds [...]

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The Sacred Heart of the Warrior: Breaking Through Challenges and Opening to Changes

There are many challenges in life, and the warrior acknowledges all of them. Many of these challenges come from the modern world, and its attempts to control information and consciousness through politics, history, warfare, education, destruction of the environment, entertainment, social media, jobs, money, confused spirituality, health, love relationships and [...]

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Plants of Power: A Path to Infinity

In my own experience, plants of power became profound teachers on my path. I see them as earth’s sacred technology to help us awaken, reconnecting with the spirit world and divine creation. I understood that the awakening journey has many levels, thresholds and paths. It’s just not about one [...]

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