I was born in Lima, Peru. My awakening journey began in 1998 through my experience with a visionary plant medicine of Peru when I was 19 years old. Since that experience, the call for healing and spirituality started for me. Stepping into my intuition was a key to go through all the thresholds on the path. Being born in Peru with a vast culture of uses of visionary plant medicines, which facilitate psychological, physical healing and spiritual experience, were crucial in my personal journey and training. I met and worked with different curanderos and curanderas (medicine people) from the Amazon and Andes, providing a variety of healing modalities. I started to work with and facilitate the healing power of visionary plants since 2008, offering retreats and sessions. Throughout this journey I have used ancient musical instruments of Peru for healing purposes, developing my own style of music medicine.

In searching to live in deep connection and respect with the earth and human relationships, I adventured in the co-creation of intentional community projects in the high jungle and Andes of Peru. I co created a non-profit organization oriented on healing, culture, ecology and arts. During that time I worked in an alternative school for children in the Andes as well. Living next to indigenous communities, I felt drown to its mythology, philosophy and wisdom as useful guidelines to remember and understand human psychology and spirituality.

Since then I have been working in private and group settings bringing the healing power of music/sound to access the unconscious and the art of integrative coaching in one-on-one sessions (i.e. for trauma release, access old memories, relaxation, emotional, psychological and spiritual transformation).

I believe that turning our attention inward to begin an inner journey to get to know and heal ourselves in deeper ways can lead us to experience a greater sense of wholeness, unity and compassion. I moved to California in 2018 since then I have beed studying psychology and Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry training program, with the intention to integrate and expand my work. Today I live with my dear wife Melissa Haddy raising a family together, deepening into sacred relationships, parenting, holistic healing and offering integrative coaching for parents.

Fred Clarke Alvarez