Earth and humanity are going through profound transformations. We are presently in an awakening healing journey that is taking us into higher and deeper states of awareness; a new reality of being and doing. The roots of my work and research are based and inspired by ancient and nearly universal practices. Its form reflects the field of holistic healing through psychology, music medicine, shamanism and nature-centered spirituality. The intention of my work is to provide healing ways towards compassion to reestablish a healthy relationship with ourselves, our mind-heart-gut-spirit connection, the sacredness of earth and all our relations. This is a dawn of new possibilities and challenges, a shift in the paradigm we are currently living in.

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Wetiko: A Psycho-Spiritual Disorder

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Wetiko: A Psycho-Spiritual Disorder The intention to write and share this article comes from my own experience and research. My approach to knowledge comes not only from scientific or metaphysical [...]

Plants of Power: A Path to Infinity

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In my own experience, plants of power became profound teachers on my path. I see them as earth’s sacred technology to help us awaken, reconnecting with the spirit world and divine creation. I understood [...]

Sounds of the Soul: A Shamanic Journey

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“Pythagoras taught that music should never be approached simply as a form of entertainment. Rather, he recognised that music was an expression of “HARMONIA”, the Divine principle that brings order to chaos and discord. [...]