Earth and humanity are going through profound transformations. We are presently in an awakening healing journey that is taking us into higher and deeper states of awareness; a new reality of being and doing. The roots of my work and research are based and inspired by ancient and nearly universal practices. Its form reflects the field of integral healing through psychology, music medicine, shamanism and nature-centered spirituality. The intention of my work is to provide healing ways towards compassion to reestablish a healthy relationship with ourselves, our mind-heart-gut-spirit connection, the sacredness of earth and all our relations. This is a dawn of new possibilities and challenges, a shift in the paradigm we are currently living in.

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Meraya is an audiovisual poetic journey that shows Shipibo-Konibo visions from an indigenous logic; letting the natural and free expression of ancestral wisdom flow. Beyond purely anthropological documentaries, there are few films that relate to Shipibo experiences, and Meraya is one of them.

The proposal developed by Director Pedro Favaron introduces the viewer into the Amazon through the intertwining of fundamental art and everyday practices of Shipibo civilization: kené patterns and textile craft, and an understanding and profound respect for the forest and its beings (earthly and spiritual). These elements relate to equilibrium and to the ordered beauty of connecting.

As part of its visual and narrative landscapes, Meraya has several layers of sonority. Ikaros, or ayahuasca chants, and the forest, with its birds, rivers, rain, plants, and myriad animals, are all intermingled with Fred Clarke Álvarez’s delicate musical arrangements and compositions. This juxtaposition creates a primeval and contemporary view of Shipibo-Konibo culture in which there are no voice-overs nor animations; rather, experience at its raw.

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Today we might be living the great dawn of humanity. A shift in the paradigm we are currently living in. Looking for new possibilities to share my work in these times, I decided to open myself up to share and create new material and content (audio-video) for those who are really interested in my work, want to support it and share the journey. Patreon is a membership platform where people can support their favorite artists and creators directly by becoming actual Patrons (sponsors) of their work. The intention of this membership channel is about sharing my music medicine creations, audios, interviews and videos, contemplating the aspects of the awakening journey, shamanism, indigenous cosmology, psychology and spirituality. I want this channel to be a place for support, connection, community, inspiration and transformation.