Explore how to play the Native American Flute (NAF) and different other ancient instruments of the Americas. This flute is an intuitive instrument. This is not a “traditional” flute music lesson. You don’t need to read music notes or be tested. The intention of these lessons is about finding your own way to play with music and sound as a spiritual self-discovery path. Native instruments from the Americas and around the world were developed to establish an inner-communication to the Divine. A way of praying, playing and to remember our connection to the sacred natural world.

We will put our focus in learning how to play the Native American flute, and let the flute play through us. We will explore a variety of other instruments as well, such as whistling vessels, quena (andean flute), andean pan flute, rattles, bells and drums. We will discover their uses to connect with ourselves and nature, and their effects into the body-mind-spirit.

Musical expression seems to have its roots deep in our soul. Most people may not realize the importance of expressing our souls. For all people, music is a way of expressing that which dwells within our soul.

You do not need to be a musician to benefit from taking this class. Its teachings may be applied to everyone. All ages are welcome. If you do not have a native american flute, there are many options of flutes online. I recommend to look up on: or


These lessons will allow you to:

  • Play the native american flute and other diverse ancient instruments from the Americas.
  • Music Improvisation
  • Breathing and rhythm exercises
  • Body movement dynamics
  • Create your own compositions
  • Acknowledge the power of sound/music for self discovery and healing energy
  • Learn about  indigenous wisdom and spirituality


Online classes are available or private sessions in Sonora, California. If you are interested please get in contact for more details: 

Palakwayo means “red-tailed hawk” in Hopi language. Bird medicine who can guide you in the mysterious sacred path. Honouring the red road of the Anasazi. Sounds of a navajo native flute, rattle, hand drum, sounds of hawk and rivers from the Peruvian andes.