We are in an important pacha (space/time) to transcend the paradigm we are currently living in. As the energies increase during this Time of Transition , bringing up anything that needs to be made conscious of, healed and transmuted, we are called to rise up in our own sovereign power, our individual purposes for being here and reconnect to our inner guidance and the Divine, opening our hearts and minds as we are tuning into the new frequencies of this new dawn through the cellular matrix of our bodies.

shamanic sound healing journey in the jungle Peru
The Time of Transition retreat is geared towards the ones who are called to make the next leap; for the ones who already see through the workings of the Matrix Control System to an extent and are ready to “answer the call” of their deepest soul calling and connect with others in person who have the same intention as we help each other shine in our embodied essence and anchor a higher frequency in order to transcend the mutant Matrix.

The intention of this retreat is to help you get out of your daily routine, away from the disruption/interference of city frequencies, EMF radiation,”modern-life” distractions, and open the space to engage in deeper healing work and connect with like-minded people. We’ll be sharing and doing this work on an experiential level while being immersed in the powerful frequency of the Peruvian high jungle, surrounded by trees, rivers, and waterfalls in an eco-friendly environment.

Together we will engage in various activities, interactive workshops, shamanic ceremonies, and body-mind-spirit practices for the purpose of healing, embodiment, and reuniting the inner male and female; connecting to our wholeness within and to the wholeness of nature.

Join Fred Clarke Alvarez and Bernhard Guenther on their 5th Time of Transition Retreat June 17th – 24th, 2018.



  • The Matrix Control System and the Path towards Awakening
  • The Hero’s Journey and the Sacred Marriage of the Inner Male and Female
  • The individual Process of Embodiment and Awakening
  • The Body-Mind-Spirit connection
  • Shadow Work
  • Hyper-dimensional Interferences and the Keys to Discernment and Protection
  • Traps on the Path towards Awakening, how to spot them and counter-act them
  • Spiritual Bypassing and Avoidance Strategies
  • Limitation of 3D-Thinking
  • The Warrior Path
  • The Healing Potential of Sound, Frequency and Music
  • Medicine plants and how to work with them, preparation and integration
  • How to make the right choices that are aligned with your true self
  • Reality Creation in Alignment with the deeper purpose of your soul’s calling


  • Meditation – Qi Gong
  • Embodiment practices
  • Body and Energy Work (individual sessions)
  • Dance & Movement practices
  • Shamanic Sound Healing ceremony (individual sessions)
  • Healing and sharing circles
  • Hikes into the jungle
  • Soaking/swimming in the rivers and waterfalls
  • Skin exfoliation sessions (coconut, cacao & sea salt)
  • Cultural adventure trip to local community and Cacao organic farm
  • Integration work and Individual counseling
  • Healthy local organic diet and superfoods
  1. You are willing to be deeply honest with yourself and looking to go deeper into your soul’s truth.
  2. You have done a certain amount of work on yourself already but want to take the next step.
  3. You are willing to step out your comfort zone.
  4. You are looking to explore new avenues and are willing to learn.
  5. Your heartfelt desire is to unlock your soul’s potential, expand your horizon, and connect with your unique purpose and soul evolution.
  6. You have had a series of supernatural experiences and/or soul awakening symptoms and do not know how to integrate them into your daily life, or have generally a hard time “fitting in” and feel lost.
  7. You have a strong passion to go deeper into the exploration of human nature and the mystery of life.
  8. You have a singer desire to connect and work with others.


Next Retreat: June 17th – 24th, 2018

Cost: $2,200

Where: Chirapa Manta Ecolodge in San Roque de Cumbaza, about 1hr from Tarapoto, Peru.

Price includes: shared accommodations (2-3 people per room), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), all classes, workshops, ceremonies, guided trips, transports (including from and to the airport in Tarapoto).

NOT included: Airfare. You need to book a flight to Lima and then from Lima to Tarapoto. We will pick you up from the airport in Tarapoto on June 17th and drop you off on June 24th. Depending on your itinerary you may need to stay one night in Lima before taking a flight to Tarapoto. We can assist you with booking your flights and accommodations in Lima.

Payment: via paypal, bank transfer, or check. Pay in full or make a $500 deposit to reserve your spot (non-refundable). Full payment needs to be made by April 17th, 2018.

Sign-up/Application: The retreat sign-up process is not on a “first come, first serve basis”. You need to apply for it by writing to us about your intentions for joining and a little background about yourself. We also Skype (no charge) with anyone who is sincerely interested. Just be yourself. We want people to be clear what the retreat is about and make sure it’s really suited for you.

Group size is limited to 10 participants.

To apply or if you have any questions, please contact Fred Clarke Alvarez by filling out the form below:

Here is what participants had to say about their experience at past Time of Transition Retreats:

“My girlfriend Steph and I have slowly been peeling back the sticky knots of the matrix in our lives over the past few years, however for a while now we knew that there was something deeper that we were missing.

Coming across Bernhard’s articles and videos around 8 months ago we quickly realised that if we truly wanted to heal ourselves then we must become more focused on the 4 dimensional aspect of the matrix. We also realised that we needed to stop focusing so much externally and instead turn our focus internally to reconnecting ourselves back to our body’s and it’s brilliant intelligence and also to nature.

We did this successfully to a certain extent but we acknowledged that we needed some support and so when we saw the Time of Transition retreat we knew it was exactly what we needed.

Shadow work can be intense and very difficult whilst still immersed in the frequencies of the city and with the stress of our every day lives and we saw this as the perfect opportunity to be in a completely supportive environment without any distractions so that we could focus solely on our personal healing.

Heading to the jungle in a foreign country with 7 strangers to do deep self work certainly brought up some fears, but we knew that it would take a leap of faith and an element of courage if we truly wanted to understand how to transcend the matrix.

We are so glad that we took that leap of faith because what opened up and was presented to us at the retreat was well beyond any of our expectations.

What we found when we got there was a family from all around the world who came together to support each other in our own personal healing, and although we were strangers, we felt like (and probably had) known each other for lifetimes.

Steph and I were in awe of how Bernhard and Fred navigated us through the knowledge and embodiment of how to heal our deep wounds and conditioning and how to transcend the matrix on both a 3D and 4D aspect. Their synergy was brilliant and they guided us with the perfect balance of compassion, love, and strength. To know that there are people in the world like this willing to support those who sincerely want it brought us to tears on a number of occasions.

What I feel has been given to us is a clear blueprint of exactly what the matrix is, how to stay connected with your true self, your body, and nature, whilst navigating through the matrix, how to find your souls missions for incarnating here in these tricky times, as well as some incredibly deep personal healing on a body and soul level.

This we now know was the sort of information and experiences our souls were yearning for and is exactly why we went to Peru and is exactly what we got out of the retreat.”


“The Time of Transition Retreat offers a highly potent, transformational experience. It cuts through to the core of what is necessary to do true inner work. I felt called to go deep, seeking to really connect with the Truth in and around me. I got the unique chance to do this embedded into an all-embracing natural grouping of humans as part of Mother Earth.

I felt the intensity of preparation and work Bernhard and Fred put into setting up this the retreat, thus merely forming the intention to go, my journey began.

Leaving the rectangular, willfully organized city of Salzburg, the journey took me across the globe, showing the impact our civilization has in various shapes and forms – airports, city-lights, monoculture, deforestation, mining, connected by streets and railways creating evermore separation. The air, the animals, the plants did not know about the borders I crossed, only we people had to show a passport and “let them do their jobs”.

A night in Lima, a flight to Tarapoto – I was still not in paradise, control all over, detachment a global issue. But I had found part of our group, and the anticipated experience became more and more real. Each of us felt blessed to be given the opportunity to be part of this, yet we came from such diverse directions!

Then, almost suddenly, mainly up but also down winding roads, the bus to Chirapa Manta Ecolodge took us deep into pristine nature.

The jungle simply is the jungle – breathing, alive. And thus, I began breathing with it, hearing and being heard by it, feeling and being felt, moving and being moved.

Everything responds, nothing reacts.

The rocks are, as is the water. Thus creating a waterfall, a pond, a riverbed – ready for me to conquer my fears and jump, while the group holds the space to watch it happen. Non-judgement. What a new feeling.

The trees moved by the wind, weaving a home for an abundance of animals in symbiotic cooperation with all the other plants.

Humans bent some of them to mark the path – they patiently adapt to the forced change of direction in their growth and accept being carved with arrows, so we don’t get lost even when the jungle wants to take over the man-made path.

The ground of the organic cocoa farm is covered with rotting leaves. Layer by layer of seasons gone by show the transformation to soil, now feeding the roots of the cocoa trees again for the circle to begin anew. The harvest is used with no left-overs – all parts of the plant serve a purpose, nothing is wasted.

Life is lived, death is died, rebirth shapes everything in a uniquely new way – inter-depending, connected.

The people at Chirapa Mantra Ecolodge and at Rio Bosque Magico Chazuta live as part of this abundance, and are beacons of light in simplifying and getting real. Taking part in their vision and the down-to-earth steps they take on a daily basis to serve on their paths holds lessons so deep. How easy it looks to see them truly following their souls’ missions, looking to balance ‘civilized’ humans’ needs for comfort and their effects on the whole system!

I was challenged deeply, and yet I felt safe.

There was a plan – diligently prepared, a path preconceived, just to let go of whenever the group or one of us had a need for it.

Bernhard took us deep into his learnings, showing embodiment practices, talking from the depth of his experience, patiently dismantling programs and preconceptions – a task a blogpost, youtube video or social media discussion and even a skype session is merely a shadow of – so we can have a chance to feel what it is like to squintingly leave Plato’s allegorical cave.

Fred’s music tuned into my needs, nurturing the healing potential within. It also captured my hearts’ melody, reminding me of the oneness deep inside my individuality in ways words can never express.

The group energy was uniquely beautiful, never have I felt so accepted and whole – I found a family member in each of them, especially in the integration period after the ceremony.
Each of us human, no gurus – not on a mission, but on a path: The Heroes’ Journeys.

The Time of Transition continues in and through each of us – and I am eternally grateful to Bernhard and Fred for taking the best out of all their Knowledge and combining it so gracefully – so seemingly effortlessly.”


“The retreat was truly transformative…but I should explain what that means. While a few people had obviously transformative experiences as they faced old issues and let go of old patterns, the transformation I felt wasn’t obvious to me until I returned. My perceptions and feelings of everything in my life had changed. For a time I was faced with a profound sadness mixed with a profound joy. The joy came from the deep connection I’d made to Life, the sadness from clearly seeing the lack of that connection in the world around me in the place I’d formerly called home but now simply refer to as “base camp”.

There was one obvious level of transformation during the retreat that I felt. Being in the jungle, feeling the life literally pulsing from the environment, eating delicious local food prepared lovingly by local people, swimming in the river, and getting to know the other people in the retreat through the sharing of all of this along with the embodiment exercises, sharing of experiences, sound healing, and body work had me feeling like a kid again. It was a heart opening and embodying experience that created a loving and healing atmosphere for the ceremony.

This was real, deep healing that should not be missed…but only if you are serious about the transformation of your life. The healing you receive will be the healing you need from within yourself. Things you have hidden from will come to the surface. Your life will begin to turn toward the direction your soul desires, and away from the direction you have taken out of fear, programming, or conformity. Think about what that means before you asking to attend. While the retreat is very fun, this is serious work that should be approached with the understanding that your life is about to change in ways that that might frighten you to think about now.”

“Something deep shifted inside of me in the luscious jungle of Peru. Changes. Inside and out. I can see it on my face and feel it inside my body. Even my landlord noticed it. He said I felt stronger, less insecure, more myself. I didn’t really noticed it at first. I was just having fun, playing with my new friends, dancing and laughing and swimming. The work we did went deep, but it was sneaky. It didn’t feel like work. It felt like love. It felt like truth. It felt like seeing myself mirrored in the people around me. It felt like it was ok for me to be imperfect, flawed, vulnerable, open, and held as I cried out tears I had kept inside of me way too long. It felt like I was being held in a container made of love, and everything which was not love could drop away now. It was no longer needed. It no longer fit into my new skin.

It would be easy to extol the talents, gifts, and virtues of Bernhard and Fred, since they are numerous, but then it would miss the fact that each and every person who was there was equally special and beautiful. This was something we created together. A circle, not a pyramid. Each person was a necessary and important piece of the whole. We could have not done it without them and they could not have done it without us. We healed, laughed, cried, raged, and owned our own shit together and we are all better people for having done so.

If you have the opportunity and resources to go on one of these retreats, and your heart is singing a yes into your ears, I highly recommend that you listen. For me, I have been changed on such a deep level that it may be one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I wish the same for you on your journey of discovery into yourself.”