Shamanic Coaching

“Warriors speak of shamanism as a magical, mysterious bird which has paused in its flight for a moment in order to give man/woman hope and purpose; warriors live under the wing of that bird, which they call the bird of wisdom, the bird of freedom.” -Carlos Castañeda


We are living in a time of deep transition, leading us into an awakening journey allowing us access to a higher and deeper state of consciousness, a new reality of being and doing. Many people are answering their soul’s calling for a change in their lives, waking up the warrior within. Old mind, body and spiritual beliefs and mental structures are evolving so fast. This process could be very hard for many of us in profound levels, mental, physical and spiritually (holistic). We have been so conditioned and programmed by an unbalanced and confused world based on fear and control making us to forget and disconnect of our true divine nature. Questioning to ourselves, what is love, what is reality, what is truth and lie, what is god, why this is happening, who I am, why I am here on Earth, which is my purpose on my path of life? Feeling depressed, stressed, judged, confused and lonely are part of the shift. When we get to this vulnerable point, embracing our shadow, we are reaching the opportunity to light it up, to awake, to access to other information, to reboot the old paradigm, to answer your soul’s calling, to recover your power and sovereignty, to open you heart, mind and body into higher and deeper frequencies of consciousness and compassion.

The essence of shamanic coaching is to help others recover personal power, sovereignty, responsibility, facilitating self-work, inner knowing and to listen deeply by enabling them to have a direct connection to a spiritual sacred path.





There are many challenges in life, and the warrior acknowledges all of them. Many of these challenges come from the modern world, and its attempts to control information and consciousness through politics, history, warfare, education, destruction of the environment, entertainment, social media, jobs, money, confused spirituality, health and love relationships. This psychology works on many levels and dimensions, making it very challenging for millions of people to live in. We have been trusted and conditioned to develop a mindset of obedience and response to orders, giving our power away, without questioning it or thinking for ourselves. This obedience to the program only perpetuates the cycle of confusion and disconnection from our true sacred nature.

If we want to navigate this world, we have to first change ourselves. We know we can change, and although it is hard, the warrior persists. This commitment of the warrior brings acceptance to all paths these changes take us to. Some of these paths may feel like failures, but for the warrior they are learning opportunities for our own soul’s evolution.

The warrior fearlessly embraces his/her shadow, the darkest places, knowing that there is nothing else to lose. Death, which is often our biggest fear, can become our deepest teacher on the lessons of change. Knowing this, we are no longer afraid. Through our darkness, we acknowledge our light. This light reveals itself in contrast to darkness, allowing us to find harmony and rhythm within ourselves and to live in full presence. There is no more resistance to the shadow, only acceptance in compassion and gratitude. From here, the warrior can then utilise his/her power for a higher purpose.

We have been conditioned to believe that the shadow world is to be annihilated. It expresses our deepest fears, sadnesses, frustrations, sorrows and pain. Entering into the shadow realm gives us the opportunity to grow, to discover ourselves in depths we have never imagined. While our shadows can bring a state of vulnerability, it is actually this vulnerability that gives us access to the assistance and guidance of the seen and unseen forces that lie beyond our normal waking consciousness, bringing in a revolutionary way of understanding and navigating life. It is here where the warrior begins to find the compassion and love within. There is no good or bad, only experiences and challenges. The warrior acknowledges, without judgment, that they are part of this human experience, with discernment to find his/her own truth. He/she finds the peace within.

Through this experience, the warrior acquires wisdom and clarity, which open pathways to his/her intuition, continuing the journey to discover his/her purpose of life on Earth. This is a journey into the unknown, a journey full of challenges and circumstances, with different depths and heights, sounds and colours, full of mysterious synchronicities. Once this fearless leap into the unknown is made, the spiritual warrior becomes a hero/heroine of his/her own path.

  • “A warrior acknowledges his/her pain but he/she doesn't indulge in it. The mood of the warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness; on the contrary, he's/she's joyful because he/she feels humbled by his/her great fortune, confident that his/her spirit is impeccable, and above all, fully aware of his/her efficiency. A warrior's joyfulness comes from having accepted his/her fate, and from having truthfully assessed what lies ahead of him/her. The world of people goes up and down, and people go up and down with their world; warriors have no attention following the ups and downs. The warrior chooses only once, chooses either to be a warrior or to be ordinary men/women. Everyone can see, and yet we choose not to remember what we see. Everybody has enough personal power for something.”   -Carlos Castañeda


My approach to shamanic coaching is to facilitate different tools, practices and possibilities that allow us to awaken the spiritual warrior within. Part of this process involves asking questions to help unlock the deeper teachings from within us, as well as mirroring a new way of being and doing. This give us the opportunity to shift patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us, opening us into an intimate sacred spacetime, so we can conceive a new vision within ourself and our relationships. It does not involve the treatment of any specific conditions, nor is there any attempt to diagnose, cure or fix anything. I do not work within the current psychotherapeutic or professional models. Instead, the inner-wisdom and the individual soul are supported so we can develop and remember our own inner guidance. This approach focuses on memories, experiences, patterns, limitations, dreams, thoughts and energies, which are always addressed within the context of the individual’s understanding and integration of our spiritual unfolding in alignment with our own soul’s evolution.

The art of shamanic coaching is the practice of witnessing the self, the other and the environment as one unified whole. It is a practice of speaking and listening from the soul. It means opening into heartfelt, compassionate expression and non-judgemental acceptance. It brings intention, empowerment and authentic speaking into the center of one’s soul. This creates the possibility for true healing, deeper connection with our life’s path, the understanding of community and an opening to the wholeness. We recognise that each voice has value, every human being has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the puzzle to contribute to the bigger picture of the mystery of creation.

My intention is to assist you in navigating this modern world, to get free of its limitations and manipulations, to embrace your shadow, sadness, anger and frustration through forgiveness and compassion. This allow us to open up to new dimensions of thinking, seeing and acting, remembering our power within and our connection to the sacred mother and father, reconnecting us to nature’s wisdom and guidance. Spiritual warriors learn from the Earth and the Sky, living their lives based on the natural cycles, in deep connection with nature, knowing that they do not know anything. In realising that we do not know anything, we can fully embrace the mystery of life and jump fearlessly into our soul’s calling. Listening to this intuitive calling opens us up to new beginnings and possibilities, opening doors to realities we never knew existed. The key is to follow this call in humbleness and honesty with ourselves and all our relations.


“The basic story of the hero journey involves giving up where you are, going into the realm of adventure, coming to some kind of symbolically rendered realization, and then returning to the field of normal life. I think the shaman’s crisis is the most vivid and interesting example of the call in real life. Typically the young person is walking alone on the ocean shore or in the mountains or in the forest, and hears an unearthly music; this music then is accompanied by some kind of visionary visitation, which amounts to summons.

Now being a shaman is no fun in any of these societies, and a lot of young people just don’t want to accept it. Unfortunately, those who choose to refuse the call don’t have a life. Either they die, or, in trying to lead more mundane lives, they exist as nonentities, what T.S. Elliot called “hollow men”. If the called is heeded, however, the individual is invoked to engage in a dangerous adventure. It’s always a dangerous adventure because you’re moving out of the familiar sphere of your community. In myths, this is represented as moving out of the known sphere altogether into the great beyond. I call this crossing the threshold. This is crossing from the conscious into the unconscious world, but the unconscious world is represented in many, many, many different images, depending on the cultural surroundings of the mythos. It may be a plunge into the ocean, it may be a passage into the dessert, it may be a getting lost in a dark forest, it may be finding yourself in a strange city. It may be depicted as an ascent or as a descent or as a going beyond the horizon, but this is the adventure-it’s always the path into the unknown, through the gateway of the cave or the clashing rocks.

We live, on this side of the mystery, in the realm of the pairs of opposites: true and false, light and dark, good and evil, male and female, and all that dualistic rational worldview. One can have an intuition that is beyond good and evil, that goes beyond pairs of opposite-that’s the opening of this gateway into the mystery. But it’s just one of those little intuitive flashes, because the conscious mind comes back again and close the door. The idea in the hero adventure is to walk bodily through the door into the world where the dualistic rules don’t apply.” –Joseph Campbell

  • "Have crossed path with Fred in the Peruvian Jungle on a quest of truth and reality of the beyond. I haven`t experienced fully the plethora of his gifts, talents and wisdom which he pours into the world so kindly but I did experience the depth, healing and transmuting quality of his sound. An experience I wouldn`t do justice to by merely putting it into words. So I won`t even try. But I encourage all those that consider joining him into presence for whatever he offers as service because I have complete trust that he will deliver what he must deliver and most probably more that you may hope for. Not because he is bright and intelligent and capable (which he is – as so many are) but because he stands in truth and is guided by the heart and the true light which only heart can hold and grasp. He will meet you in oneness (as in full of compassion and understanding that we are of the same substance and same nature as human beings). He will seek for you as he would seek for himself, and will help you attain the very thing you need. Which .. in fact will be most probably the very reason you have known him in this life." - Odilia