“Warriors speak of shamanism as a magical, mysterious bird which has paused in its flight for a moment in order to give man/woman hope and purpose; warriors live under the wing of that bird, which they call the bird of wisdom, the bird of freedom.” -Carlos Castañeda


I offer a series of services based on my experience and studies in music production, photography and video creations.

Music Production:

Specializing in indigenous music projects, shamanic, ambient and music medicine, I am available to work with a number of artists, students and clients.

  • All stages of music production.
  • Education, mentoring and instruction on the use of music and sound technologies for healing and transformation.

Photography & Video creation:

Focused in the transformational power of image and moving pictures, I am available to work with a number of institutions or individuals with the same intention to bring awareness and transformation through the power of media.

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