Music Production

On my path of researching ancient musical instruments and indigenous cultures of Peru, I became involved in various programs, film scores and different projects on which I produced, recorded and played original instruments from different pre-hispanic cultures, some of them related to recovering indigenous chants, music, languages and cosmologies. All of my music productions are intentionally related with indigenous cultures, the preservation and a contemporary transmission of the indigenous vision.


Meraya (2020)

Meraya is an audiovisual poetic journey that shows Shipibo-Konibo visions from an indigenous logic; letting the natural and free expression of ancestral wisdom flow. Beyond purely anthropological documentaries, there are few films that relate to Shipibo experiences, and Meraya is one of them. As part of its visual and narrative landscapes, Meraya has several layers of sonority.

Sounds of Pucllana Album + Sound Design (2019)

I published next to Ronald Sanchez Pacheco, Sounds of Pucllana. This is a production for the Museum Huaca Pucllana of Lima recording original instruments of their collection. We designed the first sound/music experience in an archeological site in Peru, where Sound of Pucllana became part of the experience in the museum itself and at site.

Music was a fundamental part in the activities of the ceremonial center: banquets, remodelling, funerals, sacrifices and rituals were accompanied by melodies, bringing about spiritual interactions between people and their gods. Sounds of Pucllana brings to the present the echoes of our ancestors from Lima and Wari cultures, contained in ceramic antaras, whistles, quenas and rattles.

Sounds of Nasca Album (2017)

I got involved in an exhibition of Nasca culture in Lima Peru, with the musician and producer Ronald Sanchez. In this project, we produced the music (Sounds of Nasca), for the most influential exhibition of Nasca culture in Peru and worldwide. This exhibit has taken place in the Museum of Art of Lima (MALI 2017, Museo Rietberg Zúrich 2017-2018, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn 2018, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid 2019) intending to awaken the senses and tune in with the pre-hispanic legacy, thus transmitting a new insight into Nasca spirit. This production was recorded using original Nasca antaras dating back to 200 B.C. – 650 D.C. Replica antaras also were recorded as diverse musical instruments used in pre-Hispanic times, such as quenas, quenillas, drums, rattles, whistling vessels among other instruments.

Yanesha (2017)

A collaboration next to musician and producer Ronald Sanchez  in a series of music recordings and a live presentation about the Yanesha’s music and dance tradition and one live concert to celebrate their native language in the archeological site of Huaca Pachacamac – Lima Peru in collaboration with the Ministerio de Cultura of Peru and Selvámonos.

Puruchuco (2016)

A series of recordings of original instruments of the collection of Museum Puruchuco – Lima Peru. This project was developed with musician and producer Ronald Sanchez. This music became part of the museum permanent exhibition.

Huaca 64 (2016)

A music composition and audio guide for Huaca 64, a Ychsma Pre-Inca archeological site at Universidad Católica of Peru.