Project Description

K’uychi Runa: Music and flute making for children in the Andes

My intention to work with children to facilitate them an introduction of the healing art of music is something my soul nourish so deeply. This time Dolly Lizarraga, co-founder and vice president of Kuychi Runa Association, contacted me to bring a sound healing music + flute making workshop for local children from Cconamuru, an indigenous community in the highlands of Cusco – Peru. Kuychi Runa is supporting the sustainable development of that community through education, health, and nutritional and artistic programs while promoting the conservation of their ancient cultural heritage.

I spent the first hours of the day in the local school, interacting, playing and connecting with pan flutes which Kuychi Runa had donated. Later on, we did the flute making workshop for the older boys and girls at K’uychi Runa center and sound healing meditation. It was a great opportunity to share with indigenous children, being in their homeland next to the Ausangate mountain, a special teacher in my life. 

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