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“Fred creates an extraordinary sonic landscape for healing, awakening and accessing deep wisdom.  He’s a true blessing!”

Stephen Dinan CEO, The Shift Network, CA

“I had the pleasure of experiencing an amazing Sound Healing ceremony while in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Jan. 2013) with Sound Healer Fred Clarke~.  He was playing ancient traditional instruments that were both transformational and deeply pleasing and healing to the soul. His music summons forth the rhythms and songs called waynukuna of the mystical traditions of the Ande’s ~ The calls of the Condor and breath riding on the feathers of time with Quechua mythology heard in the strum of the charango~. Fred’s music is made with drums, flutes, gongs, seed rattles, quilled panpipes, whistling clay pots and more… The music portrays the stories of lineage and cosmology.  This is the music of Pachamama ~ the Urubamba waters and the ceremonies that honor the Great Mother Spirit of the Earth”

Ron Nadeau, CA

“I have been blessed to know Fred Clarke and his Music for many years now. The melody’s and sounds he connects with unite the ancient past with the present in a way that heals and deepens all that is touched by it. Like a prayer or meditation Fred’s music expands our awareness and opens us up to the infinite held in each moment…”

Weston Pew Founder & Director, Sacred Door Trail, MT

“Fred is a masterful musician who nobly carries on the tradition of healing through the power of music and prayer. His songs and actions consistently align with his deep, pure, honest heart. I have great respect and gratitude for Fred and his profound, soulful art.”

Shalom Ormsby, CA

“I have been working with Fred for more than 6 years and his healing abilities are something that are difficult to put into words.  Through his music and the kindness of his heart, Fred is able to transform anyone he works with to allow them to reach their fullest potential.  By removing spiritual blocks and past sufferings, Fred is truly doing the work of the great spirit and i am personally and eternally grateful for everything Fred does.  I cannot recommend him enough”

Matthew F. Smith, CA

“It is so difficult to find the words to describe a sound healing with Fred, mostly because it transcends words. Fred is a true energy worker from his heart center. His sound sessions are a multidimensional bath of frequency and vibration. Fred understands the power of music and sound and he honors them beautifully.”

Blair Bourland, CA

“Hombre medicina y hermano. Con Fred alzamos vuelo instantáneamente porque es lo que más nos gusta. Fred tiene de halcón, de águila, de cóndor, de pelícano, de colibrí, de colores. Su corazón puro, noble y feliz se transmite en su música y el cuidado y amor que dedica en sus ceremonias. Medicina pura. Sinchi medicina”

Harry Chavez, Peru

“Have crossed path with Fred in the Peruvian Jungle on a quest of truth and reality of the beyond. I haven`t experienced fully the plethora of his gifts, talents and wisdom which he pours into the world so kindly but I did experience the depth, healing and transmuting quality of his sound. An experience I wouldn`t do justice to by merely putting it into words. So I won`t even try. But  I encourage all those that consider joining him into presence for whatever he offers as service because I have complete trust that he will deliver what he must deliver and most probably more that you may hope for. Not because he is bright and intelligent and capable (which he is – as so many are) but because he stands in truth and is guided by the heart and the true light which only heart can hold and grasp. He will meet you in oneness (as in full of compassion and understanding that we are of the same substance and same nature as human beings). He will seek for you as he would seek for himself, and will help you attain the very thing you need. Which .. in fact will be most probably the very reason you have known him in this life.
Fred, words won`t suffice to describe the impact of our meeting either. Since as you already know, the ways the dots connect are very subtle for the mind to recognize (without being silent and always observant to actually perceive them). Even more..  truth, awareness, understanding are forever unfolding into the heart of true seekers. Nevertheless.. I have seen you! Having seen you I have known you! Having known you, I recognized myself!”  Odilia