Andean Sound Healing

My approach to Andean sound healing art is primarily grounded in Peruvian shamanism. My intention of sound journeying is to heal, strengthen and harmonise the energy body (body-mind-spirit) through the sounds themselves and through inducing meditative or trance states. This allows us to access the unconscious and supra conscious, non physical realities, the essence of the shamanic journey. In the andean cosmology there are 3 levels of awareness. The first one, called Hanan Pacha is represented by the condor. This is the world of birds, stars, the sky, the sun, the outer world and the supra conscious. It is here we have access to a higher perspective of reality. The  second one, called Kay Pacha is represented by the puma. This is our ordinary life state, our 3D reality and the conscious. And the third one, called Uku Pacha, is represented by the snake. This is the world of reptiles, the inner world, the shadow, the darkness and the unconscious. During this state of awareness, through ancient andean sounds, we can access higher and deeper levels of being, Here we can access old memories, release traumas and clean blockages in the energy body. Through this we can experience deep insights and realisations. Bridging these 3 worlds of awareness brings us an important tool to navigate the mystery of life and to find an expanded vision of reality. This bridge became the essence of the andean shamanic way of living, the chakaruna (bridge people).

Sound and healing have a strongly-intertwined partnership. The human body is primary made of energy and frequency. Frequency, sound plays an important role in our health because our bodies depend on frequency to operate. When our bodies become sick, it is nothing other than a disruption in the frequency patterns of our energy body. This energy body includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements. When this body becomes imbalanced or blocked, disease can arise.


The act of entering into this trance-like state of altered consciousness is called the soul flight, or shamanic journey. This allows the journeyer to view life and life’s problems from a detached perspective of spiritual observation, a perspective that is not easily achieved from a state of ordinary, conditioned awareness. Shamanism is based upon the metaphysical premise that the visible world operates in a state of interactivity with invisible forces or spirits, whose non-physical presence affects the lives of those living in our third-dimensional ‘space’. As a result, shamanism sees human mental and physical conditions (such as diseases) as displaying a lack of energetic balance.

The more we go inside ourselves, the more we increase the connection between the soul, mind and body. Once we reach a certain level of inner contemplation through the power of sound and music, we can separate ourselves from the illusion of reality while in the vulnerable state. The art of andean sound healing is to remember and acknowledge the sacred spirituality of being human, the light/shadow, the mind and physical body. Through andean pre-hispanic musical instruments and energy healing techniques, we journey to open the heart and discipline the mind to a level where it can be at peace in full communion with all our relations and the mystery of creation.

Sound healing also has a number of physiological effects. The mind receives signals to return to a calm state, which over time helps the body to become better at self-regulation and more resilient to stress. Everyone’s experience is unique, and everyone’s experience is exactly what is required by their soul to benefit them at that point in time.

  • “I had the pleasure of experiencing an amazing Sound Healing ceremony while in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Jan. 2013) with Sound Healer Fred Clarke~. He was playing ancient traditional instruments that were both transformational and deeply pleasing and healing to the soul. His music summons forth the rhythms and songs called waynukuna of the mystical traditions of the Ande’s ~ The calls of the Condor and breath riding on the feathers of time with Quechua mythology heard in the strum of the charango~. Fred’s music is made with drums, flutes, gongs, seed rattles, quilled panpipes, whistling clay pots and more… The music portrays the stories of lineage and cosmology. This is the music of Pachamama ~ the Urubamba waters and the ceremonies that honor the Great Mother Spirit of the Earth” - Ron Nadeau