Fred Clarke Alvarez has been researching and exploring the shamanic healing world since 1998 on his path of seeking truth and questioning consensus reality. Learning from native curanderos and living in the Amazon and Andes of Peru, he started to work with the healing power of sound and music, using ancient musical instruments of Peru and developing his own style of Andean Music Medicine. He studied Communications at the University of Lima, Peru. Clarke is also a researcher of Andean-Amazonian cosmology and ancient musical instruments, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and visual artist. In many of his compositions, he combines ancient pre-hispanic instruments with electronic atmospheres, blended with sounds of nature. The resulting dialogues further reflects his vision of Andean Soundscapes.

He has published some albums (such as Paqarina, Ambient 1, Sounds of Nasca, Sound of Pucllana) participating in other collaborations with other musicians. In 2017 he published, Sounds of Nasca for MALI (Museum of Art of Lima) using original instruments (dating back to 200 B.C. – 650 D.C.) for the international exhibition NASCA-MALI and Sounds of Pucllana for Museo Huaca Pucllana of Lima. Clarke is also involved in AAI Animal Assistant Interventions researching the therapeutic aspect of llamas. Today he lives with his wife and family, and works in California United States.