andean healing music

I was born in Lima, Peru. Early in life, I began a profound journey questioning reality, society and life. Being born on the coast of Lima, with a vast culture of uses of sacred plants of power and pre-hispanic heritage, I felt the call to experience Wachuma cactus, which was and is a profound teacher in my awakening path. This medicine, which was used by many pre-hispanic cultures, is a plant of power growing along the coastal dessert of Peru, and works to enable a higher state of awareness.

Since then, I began a deep journey into the jungle, andes and coast to learn about the shamanic healing traditions of Peru. This journey has fulfilled the calling of my soul. During all those years of healing, teachings, exploration and revelations, I was brought to the path of healing arts. The power of sound, music and plants of power became a structural arrow in my approach to transformation, awakening and soul evolution. In an article I wrote, Sounds of the Soul: A Shamanic Journey, I further explore my personal experiences with the healing power of sound in shamanistic practices.

My soul’s calling put me in service to others through healing arts, music, andean sound healing, ceremonies, coaching, video and photography. In searching to live in deep connection and respect to Earth’s nature and human relationships, I adventured in the co-creation of intentional community projects in the high jungle and Andes of Peru. Living next to indigenous communities, I felt drawn to its mythology, astrology, philosophy and wisdom as useful guidelines to remember and understand the human spirit and a different way of living on Earth.

As part of the awakening of consciousness, the threshold of disillusion came along. I realised how powerful our relationships are. I understood that every relationship is interlinked, related to another like every single thread in the web of life. All relationships are valuable, teaching us, allowing us to learn about ourselves and the mystery of life. This includes the relationship with myself, my partnership, family, friends, society, work, life and death, which are all intimately interconnected on a profound soul level.

One of my realisations occurred in the understanding of how various levels of conditioning, mental programs, emotional imbalances and traumas, which are based on fear, were influencing and directing my way of living. In contemplating relationships through family, partners, friends, the school system, entertainment, work, politics and religion, I understood that through the awakening process of self-liberation, it is necessary to transcend the illusory world of conditioned love, success, wealth and development, which often comes from corrupted politics, television, media, medical industries, unhealthy sexuality, abuse of power, warfare, authoritarian education programs, social entertainment and divided religions.

I also experienced that we live in a multi-dimensional reality. A multiple reality which we relate with constantly. This reality contains hyper dimensional entities which we coexist with. Some of these entities vibrate in a wholly compassionate and high state of being, guiding us in our paths of evolution, while others quite the opposite. I see this as a reflection of our human reality. I further reflect on this topic in the following article: From Above and Below: Hyperdimensional Revelations.

Intuition has guided me to follow the signs of this mysterious journey of life. I began to travel back and forth to north of America, to share my work. Years back, I had a powerful vision of a place in a desert. A Native American man, dressed very elegantly, held my hand and took me to an underground ceremonial place. Later on, I found out it was a kiva. Inside this kiva there was one young man and an elder. The elder talked to me in their language, in a profound, meaningful and sacred way. I felt very touched by this moment. I found out about a place that existed on Earth called the Cliff Palace,which is in Mesa Verde (four corners area). I decided to pilgrimage to that area (Anasazi land), to reconnect with that vision, memory and nature of the Anasazi spirit. Today, this path brought me back to North of America, to the mountain and forest of Northern California, where I am currently living with my family.

Having expanded my perception of reality, I had a vision in which I was living what I could say was a cosmic dawn. Many signs revealed to me that it was related to a prophecy coming from Andean cosmologies, the Eagle and the Condor prophecy, north and south reunited. In my own experience and understanding this prophecy is about reuniting the mind and heart, both hemispheres of the brain, the bridge in between two worlds, the inner and outer worlds. The matter and the spirit, light and darkness, the mother and the father, the divine feminine and divine masculine. A time and space for remembering the sacred memory and wisdom of the human spirit and purpose on Earth. This is a sacred alchemy of human evolution.