The roots of my work and research are inspired by ancient and nearly-universal practices. Its form reflects the modern fields of holistic healing arts, such as music medicine, shamanism, psychology, music production, ancient music instruments, indigenous cosmology, media and animal assisted interventions.

An exploration of earth-centered spirituality, inspired by indigenous cosmologies from the Andes and Amazon of Peru. I aim to deepen our understanding of human-nature relationships in this time of transition we are all going through. Opening pathways which allow us to find our own unique place in this sacred web of life. The principle that an intimate and sincere relationship with ourselves and the natural-spiritual world is essential for the journey into the soul.

Earth and humanity are going through profound transformations. We are presently in an awakening journey that is taking us into higher and deeper states of awareness, a new reality of being and doing. This is a dawn of new possibilities and challenges, a shift in the paradigm we are currently living in. The intention of my work is to provide healing ways and insights towards a holo-shamanic vision, which aim to encourage the remembrance of our soul’s inner knowing and to reestablish a deeper relationship with ourselves, the sacredness of earth and all our relations.


Seeing from a shamanic perspective, sound becomes a doorway to access the unconscious, conscious and spiritual realms, and a way to connect with the indigenous wisdom we hold within.

We are holding the space for us all to reclaim our sovereignty together, and transform the energies that are attempting to bring us down into energies that help us rise even higher and root even deeper. Inspired mainly by ancient Peruvian Pre-Inca instruments, incorporating instruments from Meso America and Native North America, we will explore the indigenous spirit and messages within us in these time we are living in.

Through this experience, and through honoring nature and connecting with the sacred directions and elements, we undergo a transformational alchemy that allows us to navigate moving forward in this time and space reality we find ourselves in the midst of with strength, courage and trust in the sacred, the divine, the great mystery.

We are living through a time of great transformation, which comes with many challenges for our souls and spirits. It is a shift in paradigms, where the old paradigm is collapsing in on itself to create the ripe conditions for a new paradigm to emerge.

It is our task, through the great transformation we are in, to keep our spirits strong, to remember who we are and why we are here. We are alchemical vessels that hold the power of transformation within us. May this be a journey where we can connect with this power within, and remember the indigenous medicine we hold, as well as honor the ones that came before us.

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