Welcome to the World of Healing Arts of Fred Clarke Alvarez

The roots of my work are inspired by ancient and nearly-universal practices. Its form reflects the modern fields of shamanic life-ways, healing arts, psychology and ancient teachings based on Andean spirituality.

My work is an exploration of earth-centred spirituality, inspired by andean healing and shamanic cosmologies from around the world. Through healing arts such as andean sound healing ceremonies, music, shamanic coaching, retreats, workshops and talks, I aim to deepen our understanding of human-nature relationships, opening pathways which allow us to find our own unique place in this sacred web of life. It is based on the principle that an intimate and sincere relationship with ourselves and the natural-spiritual world is essential for the journey into the soul.

Earth and humanity are going through profound transformations. We are presently in an awakening journey that is taking us into higher and deeper states of awareness, a new reality of being and doing. This is a dawn of new possibilities and challenges, a shift in the paradigm we are currently living. The intention of this site is to provide healing ways and insights towards a holo-shamanic vision, which aim to encourage the remembrance of our soul’s inner knowing and to reestablish a deeper relationship with ourselves and the sacredness of being part of Earth.